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At your biannual visit to the dentist office, an oral screening exam will be done to look for any indications of cancer in the tissues surrounding the neck, cheeks, lips, gums, or in the throat. This may be in the form of lumps or abnormal tissue, discoloration, or any other signs your dentist may ask you. In any case we may find signs, Dr. Ronald D. Walker, DDS is dedicated to providing the right health care for you.

In order to test any suspicious tissue, your dentist may perform an oral brush biopsy. This is done with a painless brush, taking a very small sample of tissue cells to have them analyzed for abnormal cells. If you have tissue that looks very skeptical, a scalpel biopsy may be recommended by your dentist.

A scalpel biopsy is done typically using a local anesthesia or a numbing shot, and completed either by your dentist or a recommended specialist. They are then tested to detect any form of oral cancer to prevent it from progressing and even eventually spread.

Treatment for oral cancer is required to destroy any cancerous growth. This includes surgery to remove the cancer tissue/growth and is followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation to get rid of remaining cancer cells.

If you have any indication of oral cancer (unusual sores, consistent sore throats, or an unusual feeling in the back of your throat), call Dr. Ronald D. Walker and our professionals at 520-297-2511 to get a consultation or schedule an appointment. Our office here in Oro Valley, Arizona, is ready to serve you and your oral care needs.