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Dental sealants are a great solution to protecting your teeth against plaque buildup, infections, or cavities. What are dental sealants? They are a plastic coating on top of your teeth where very small grooves hide away this buildup and food particles. Dr. Ronald D. Walker and our dental team here in Oro Valley, Arizona, work hard to protect against these and getting your best smile to shine!

A dental sealant procedure is simpler than you think. Your dentist first cleans with a rotating brush and paste the tooth area containing small grooves. Afterwards, the tooth is rinsed and thoroughly dried. A solution that is acidic is then applied to create a coarse exterior. The area is rinsed and dried again before a liquid dental mixture is placed on the area and hardened with a distinct light.

This creates a finished polish that is smooth and doesn’t disrupt your eating and speaking abilities. The finished sealant has the look of a slightly tinted, clear, or white material to blend in with the teeth. Dr. Ronald D. Walker, DDS strives to give you a protected and bright smile. Call our associates in Oro Valley, Arizona, at 520-297-2511 today for a better protected smile today!