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When a cold strikes and the coughing starts, you may look for cough drops to give yourself some relief. However, some cough drops may put you at greater risk of getting a cavity. Not all of them do this, and we will help you find the ones that are less likely to cause a problem.

The problem with some types of cough drops is that they contain significant amounts of sugar. They have a sweeter taste, which can make them more satisfying to your taste, but the extra sugar that comes from consistently having a cough drop in your mouth can entice cavity-causing bacteria to go wild. Cough drops that present the highest risk generally have fructose and corn syrup for ingredients.

The kinds of bacteria that cause cavities really enjoy sugar. When they consume the sugar left in your mouth, they make acids that eat away your teeth surfaces. These cause the holes we call cavities.

We do not mean for you to give up cough drops, because there is a way to still get the relief you need without the added sugars. You can look for sugar-free cough drops. With sugar-free variations, you would deny fuel for these bacteria while alleviating your coughing. This allows you to focus on getting better without added worries of cavities.

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