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Shining smiles often begin in your own house. Although dental visits every six months for professional cleanings are highly effective for reaching areas that you may have missed, without daily cleanings, your smile will not have the proper care it needs to function effectively. To protect yourself, always make sure you’re brushing and flossing effectively with safely in ways that continue to work as intended. To make sure your brushes do not begin to wane, care for your smile correctly and eliminate risks associated with a poor toothbrush.

Improving your smile through the use of effective tooth brushing techniques is essential to ensure your smile can resist the buildup of plaque and other debris in your mouth. Plaque is a thin layer of bacteria and debris that can slowly damage your teeth and gums over time. If it is not removed, it can lead to oral health risks such as tooth decay and gum disease. Furthermore, if plaque hardens and becomes tartar, it will be difficult to remove and may require the use of a dentist.

In order to improve your tooth brushing techniques, always make sure that you’re using safe and effective tools that can be used every day. You want to brush your teeth every day for at least two minutes each time, making sure you reach all sides of a tooth. Gently brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle and focus on quality brushing, not simply blazing through to get the job done. If you are in need of additional cleanings to protect your smile, visit your dentist for bi-annual professional cleanings.

Are there any remaining questions you have about caring for your toothbrush? To improve your smile with professional cleanings, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Oro Valley, Arizona. Dr. Ronald D. Walker and our team are here to proudly keep you and your smile healthy and happy. To contact us, please call our dental office at 520-297-2511 .