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Breastfeeding has a wide assortment of health benefits for children. Not only does it provide a nutritious meal for young growing infants, but it also vastly improves their oral health. Major health risks that often arise in a child’s mouth can be numerous. However, many their risks of developing infections are lowered if they are fed breast milk. Furthermore, a child’s risk for baby bottle tooth decay is diminished if they are breastfed rather than fed from a bottle.

Many children suffer from crooked teeth due to various environmental factors.  This includes risk factors due to genetic ailments, thumb sucking, baby bottles, pacifiers, and oral accidents. Fortunately, if your child is properly breastfed, they are at a much lower risk for developing crooked teeth.  Although daily brushing and flossing habits are important to ensure a child’s oral health care remains at its peak condition, breastfeeding can assist in keeping your child’s teeth straight.

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