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Did you know that the saliva produced by your mouth helps with the overall function of your smile and can even help prevent cavities? Saliva is produced in small amounts throughout the day to promote clear speech and rinse away food particles to stop tooth decay. When you eat, saliva production increases to lubricate each bite of food before it’s swallowed.

If your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva due to different factores, it can make your mouth feel dry all the time, also known as dry mouth.

This condition often develops as a side effect of some prescribed medications, as they reduce your saliva flow. While you need to maintain your prescribed dosage to take care of your health, you can still have adequate moisture in your mouth by practicing tactics such as chewing sugar-free gum, drinking water at regular intervals and using a saliva substitute prescribed by your primary physician.

Habits that cause chronic dehydration can lead to dry mouth and other oral health problems , including cavities. This includes using alcohol and tobacco products, which affect the salivary glands and result in dehydration. Similarly, you can develop dry mouth as a result of liver, kidney and blood health conditions or cancers of the pharyngeal and oral variety

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