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If you find yourself away from home a lot, you have to carry a toothbrush with you. This is a good thing for you to do, but there may be some steps regarding the toothbrush and its travel container that you may not know. To help you understand how to best care for your teeth, we will outline those things here.

For selecting a travel container, whether it be a holder or a cap, be sure you find one with ventilation holes. Ventilation helps the brush stay dry, which is important for staving off the growth of bacteria. They like moist areas, but they cannot do much in dry areas, so this keeps your brush clear of them for the most part.

To keep bacteria under check, it will help to allow the brush to dry before you put it back in the container. It is not a good idea to set the brush near the sink, but you can at least lay it on the counter by setting it on a tissue. It probably would not hurt to rinse out the travel container as well.

After you are done travelling and finally arrive home, take a small moment to remove the brush from the container and store them in different places. If they are left together, bacteria can take the chance to boost their numbers.

Understand also that even with the best cleaning practices, not all the bacteria can be removed. After about three months of use, it may be best to retire both the brush and its container as bacteria may have built up a little too strongly by then. Replacing them with new ones can help you dodge such issues.

If you hold to these practices, you have a better chance of keeping your mouth healthy. If you need a little extra help, please visit our office in Oro Valley, Arizona. Our dentist, Dr. Ronald D. Walker, is at your service. To call us, dial 520-297-2511 , and we will set up your visit.